Just Whipped Up: A Logo for the Next Generation

A lot of country clubs like to boast about how long they’ve been around, how old their buildings are and how they have famous people buried out behind the 16th green. And all that stuff has a place for a certain demographic, but the fact is, that’s not the only demographic who likes to golf.

Hell, we like to golf.

So when we met the guys at The Club at Nevillewood and learned they were more interested in talking up their course’s dynamics and the club’s youthfulness, well, it felt like a tap-in birdie.

In rethinking the Nevillewood logo, we wanted to give them a seal that would be as elegant as the double-horse-and-lion crest they’d always had, but something a little fresher, trimmed down and modern. Making the “N” more prominent would also allow the Club to use the secondary logo for more informal executions — say, cufflinks or ball-markers?

In the end, we created a symbol befitting the private golf and social club for the next generation of Pittsburghers who want to live well and play well. And though it’d be gauche to show it, there might even be a few new tattoos floating around the clubhouse this fall.

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